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Long Whatton Scouts
Long Whatton and Diseworth Scouts

Long Whatton Scouts
Long Whatton and Diseworth Scouts

Fun, challenge and adventure
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Long Whatton Scouts
Long Whatton and Diseworth Scouts

Long Whatton Scouts
Long Whatton and Diseworth Scouts

The German Exchange Programme - August 2007 to Ongoing !
Summer Camp 2015

Photos Now Live - Clcik the Buttons

Summer Camp 2015

26th August 2017 - The 10th Anniversary of our Exchange Programme

Well something will have to happen on this date, or very close to it so we can celebrate 10 years of Scouting Together.  Hey now there is a theme for Summer Camp if I ever did see one!

Charnwood 2016

I already know that Willi will not be able to make this trip, however hopefully a Contigent of German Scouts can

Easter Camp 2016

Because we know Willi cant make Charnwood, this idea has already been knocked about so who knows, Easter Camp 2010 was pretty good so a similar type of camp may be what we need.

Summer 2015 - Back to Germany

As you already know we are travelling back to Bavaria this year, and the programme is looking fab! 
We are also having a small UK camp for the younger members with a German theme so our whole group can be part of the Exchange Programme and it gives future generations a chance to aspire to the overseas opportunity.
As soon as possible after the trip the buttons under the badge will be activated so you can see what happened on our Summer Camps so keep checking back!
Summer Camp 2015
Summer Camp 2015

Summer 2014 - Willi Visits Summer Camp at Willesley, Again!

Well this is the camp that rebooted our Exchange Programme with another surprise visit by Willi.
Willi and I had practically planned the 2015 trip by the time this camp was over.  
The picture is of us have a good steak cooked by Willi.

Summer 2012 - Willi Visits Summer Camp at Willesley

This picture show that Willi's TARDIS works because it has changed into an Audi!
Fab camp with Willi participating fully in the Leadership Team as always bringing a German uniqueness to the procedings.
The Scouts are always pleased to see him.  

Winter 2010/2011 - New Years Camp at Ulesthorpe Scout Campsite

This was the last New Year Camp to date it being used as a start to the 100 years of Loughborough District Celebrations. 
The photo shows Dr Willi arriving in his TARDIS to join us for the celebrations. New Years Camps were generally celebrations with Discos, Party Games and the like, but there was always an outdoor hike or challenge which varied depending on where the camp was.
It was a good suprise to see WIlli again.

Summer 2010 - Summer Camp at Walesby Nottinghamshire

Summer Camp 2010 took place in Nottinghamshire with a theme of Robin Hood.
A great week with lots of activities and a visit from Soren the German Scout.

Easter 2010 - A week long camp at the Oaks and visiting the District

Eight days of discovering Loughborough District, tons of activities, a few visitors and a lot of tired people.
We did loads of the Campsite Activities, visited the Mayor and the Chair of North West District visited us for a Disco.
We visited Beacon Hill, Bradgate Park, Loughborourgh, and all it had to offer, Castle Donington, had Afternoon Tea and Fish & Chips, a fab week hopefully we may be able to do it again, Easter 2016!

Autunm 2009 - Willi Visits Presentation Evening

Summer 2009 - We go to Bavaria for the Summer Camp of a Lifetime!

These dates are both together because the Movie shows what we did on Camp but it was also made for the Presentation Evening. 
The Movie is the best way to present the photos, I think Willi and I ended up over 7000 photos, it gives you a good idea of what we did - The Photo to the left is Willi at the Presentation evening, it was a big Suprise to have him there

Summer 2008 - Couple of Leaders Visit Bavarian Jamboree August 2008

In 2008 we sent over Jason and Chris to do a pre visit and come back to let us know what we could expect.
They brought back lots of Photos and sold a trip to Bavaria to the Scouts. 
Chris did bring me back a t-shirt from the event which his Mum finally passed on to me in 2014.
So plans started to formulate for a trip of a life time with the Scouts. What was to come was 18 days in Bavaria, 4 different camping locations, numerous activities and around 80 young people.

Easter Camp March 2008 at Willesy Scout Campsite Ashby

I don’t really remember that much about this camp, apart from Willi being there, Jason, who may be returning to Long Whatton as a Leader organised it all.  We did a lot of traditional Scouting, it snowed and we had a badge shaped like an egg!

Summer 2007 at Gilwell Park Scout HQ - 15 Days in August

It all started on 26th August 2007 when we first met Willi the German Guy.  He was working as a member of the campsite staff. 
We gave him an invite to our Rave and he came along and danced the night away!
The rest is history!

Above - The Summer Camp Badge we had made

Above - Willi dancing the night away

Above - Selecting the next track

Below - The Rave invitation